5 Tips for Stillness

July 18, 2014

If you are seeking a pathway toward a quiet mind, you must first get beyond the buzzing cell phone, the rambling television, the nifty iPad or kindle. Our modern web of technological clutter has created a monster of mental confusion.

Finding stillness is one breath away.

Finding stillness is one breath away.


Most of us want to quiet the frenetic mind. But we just don’t know how. We need to take a retreat from the chaos and escape into our inner rhythms. I found 5 tips for creating stillness in the summertime.


Tip 1) Find Your Mantra

A mantra is simply a short statement of repetition such as “I am light”.  Your mantra could be a bible verse, a quote, or an ancient phrase that sends a powerful and positive vibration through your consciousness. Repeat your personal mantra when you need to get on a clear path toward positive thinking.


Tip 2) Find Your Sacred Place

The energies that we pick up everyday from those around us leave a residue of confusion and self-doubt. Take time to take refuge in a sacred place. My sacred place is on a lake in upstate New York.

Sacred Spaces make for powerful sources of energy.

Sacred Spaces make for powerful sources of energy.

I can meditate on a mountain top or in a rustic wooden gazebo. Watching the fog rise from the lake makes me feel light and free. Seek out a sacred space  that helps you regain your self-confidence.

This lake is my secret place for peace and reflection.

This lake is my secret place for peace and reflection.


Tip 3) Find Your Breath

When we finally reach the promised land of stillness, we often have no idea what to do with this time! Don’t get restless and pull out your cell phone. Instead pull out a breathing technique. I use the alternate nostril breathing  to create balance for my nervous system.


Tip 4) Find Your Guided Meditation

Meditation is one of the most difficult aspects of yoga. Inviting the brain into a neutral state requires that we experiment with thinking about nothing.  Begin with a guided audio meditation to help keep your mind on track. Here is my free meditation download to help you get started!


Tip 5) Find Your Smell

Aromatherapy is the use of natural scents to create a state of relaxation. I have used lavender oil for over 5 years to help me cope with anxiety and nervousness.

Find a scent that calms you down. Essential oils like lavender lightly settle the mind.

Essential oils like lavender  are great to settle the mind.


Scents are a powerful way to create a a state of peacefulness. Play around with scents that lift your energy, calm your mood and help you feel relaxed. My favorite essential oils are grapefruit, lavender, and lemon

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Stillness Is One Breath Away

These tips will help you realize that inner peace is just one word, one thought, one sound and one breath away. When you can quiet the mind, you will discover that you have greater clarity and a better grasp on moving through obstacles with grace.




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