Top 10 Inspirational Instagram Yoginis

July 16, 2013

Instagram “Selfies” can either be egotistical or educational, but no one can deny the fact that the yoga pics are inspirational! I picked out my top 10 instagram yoginis who keep me challenged and entertained!

1. Koyawebb

Koyawebb offers up 10 day detox recipes, yoga inspiration and even hair tips! Visit her website at

Heel Squat with Koyawebb

Heel Squat with Koyawebb


2. black3dahlia

Dhalia is a flexible mom and yoga instructor giving us step-by-step picture tutorials. Check out her youtube

Mom and Yoga Instructor Black Dhalia



3.  chelsealovesyoga

When she isn’t working on her PhD, Chelsea is working on her mind-body achievements. Find more at

Atlanta Babe Chelsealvoesyoga in Vasisthasana

Atlanta Babe Chelsealovesyoga in Vasisthasana

4. laishabx

Laila shows the intensity of her yoga practice, anytime and anyplace.

LaishaBx  flexes her skills

LaishaBx flexes her skills


5. Malaikabsl

Malaika mixes it up with supportive and restorative yoga poses on the island of Grenada. Find more at

Malaika Shows the peace in Ariel Yoga

Malaika Shows the peace in Aerial Yoga


6. reneecan

The Lupus survivor, Reneecan twists and turns for the camera. Find her at

Yogagangster Reneecan lets the light in on her practice.

Yogagangster Reneecan lets the light in on her practice.


7. callmemscoconut

Over 40 and still flexing, the Insta-grandma Ms Coconut doesn’t let age define her body ability.

Callmemscoconut won't let anything get in the way of her yoga.

Callmemscoconut won’t let anything get in the way of her yoga.


8. Day1yoga

Sleek, simple and structured, Daylene pushes the instagram boundaries. Find her at

Daylene Christensen based in FL of Day One Yoga

Daylene Christensen based in Miami flips the script.


9. stephroberta

“Cancer and I don’t even care!” Steph Roberta practices yoga despite chemotherapy treatments!

Post Chemotherapy Yoga...while still at the hospital

Post Chemotherapy Yoga…while still at the hospital


10. begoodkarma

Whether it is in the backyard, kitchen or living room, Be Good Karma  gives us the inspiration to practice! Visit her at


Be Good Karma in Forearmstand split

Be Good Karma in Forearm stand split

Find me on instagram at or search the hashtags #blackyogis #naturalyogis #blackgirlsom for more colorful yogis!



  1. Renee says:

    Thanks so much for featuring me on your list, @AnacostiaYogi! I am truly touched and honored to be in such good company.

  2. Malaika says:

    Thanks so much for the mention. It brightened my morning. To be on this list of powerful women is priceless. Love & Light

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