5 Yoga Benefits for a Busy Schedule

November 20, 2019

Woman holding hands in crossed mudra

 Written by Guest Contributor,  Nisha Miller We live in a world that fills our every moment with images, demands, and communication. The pace quickens and the pressure builds until it’s too much. Meditation and yoga bring your mind back into

Bedtime Yoga for Busy Moms

May 17, 2018

Try a simple stretch before bed!

Too Stressed to Sleep? Try Bedtime Yoga A healthy bedtime routine is a key to getting a good night’s sleep. Your bedtime routine should be calming and offer relaxing activities. Reading a book is a popular choice that works for

10 Reasons to Become a Yoga Teacher

February 9, 2017

Get one on one anatomy training in a yoga teacher training.

By: Guest Contributor Arianne Traverso of beyogi So, you’re thinking about yoga teacher training (YTT)? You’ve probably researched all the different YTT programs out there and chances are, you’ve been contemplating on which one is best suited for you. But before

A Yoga Retreat Should Be On Your List of Resolutions This Year!

January 18, 2017

Sari in Kripalu

Written By Guest Contributor Rachel O’Conner Photos of 2016 Black Yoga Teachers Retreat by Malaika Brooks Smith Lowe If there is one thing to genuinely follow-through with this year, let it be the action of focusing on yourself. Life is