Run, Eat, Sleep & Blog: Top 10 Health & Wellness Bloggers

February 15, 2012

Blogging is the new black. Everybody either has a blog, is starting a blog, or trying to make money from a blog. Online media has opened the doors for niche black health markets ranging from vegan rappers to vegan racists. Some bloggers work daily on new content, while others write occasionally on anything and everything related to health and wellness.
Blogging and fitness can happen, just not at the same time. 
Finding a well written blog with useful content can be frustrating, confusing and often a huge waste of time. I’ve stepped in to make your online reading faster and easier by narrow down my top ten favorite
 health-conscious bloggers. 

1. Chelsea Loves Yoga 
 The first time I saw Chelsea Jackson, she and a friend were practicing headstands and partner yoga on New York Subway platforms. I immediately wondered, “Why would these two fit, beautiful but weird black women put their faces near the floor of a  New York Subway?” The Spelman-alum uses yoga as an educational tool for youth and started an amazing yoga spotlight featuring brown yoga experts from around the world. Check out her most recent interview with Dead Prez rapper “Stickman” at
2. Black Girls Run
She can’t possibly be smiling because she loves running. 
Long distance running, also known as joint torture, is something I have yet to master. Running intimidates and demoralizes me, but I still do it. When I found Black Girls Run, I realized I was not alone. The founders, Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks, say they created Black Girls RUN! “in an effort to tackle the growing obesity epidemic in the African-American community and provide encouragement and resources to both new and veteran runners.”  The blog lists upcoming races, black women’s running groups and even a 60 minute motivational music mix. Visit
3. Raw Fit Mama 
The Raw Fit Mama speaks out about her drastic weight loss! 
After this 5’1 mom gained over 50 lbs battling depression, she made a decision to switch up her game and take on a plant-based lifestyle. The Raw Fit Mama details the ups and downs of weight gain and analyzes how our food choices are connected to our emotional stability. She also includes a  Black History list of her favorite health blogs! Visit

4. The RGB Fit Club 
Stickman of Dead Prez taking no prisoners!
Dead Prez rapper Stickman, calls on the hip hop community to wake up and start a health revolution. The RGB (Red, Green and Black) Fit Club has a radio show and shares information about Monsanto, cancer causing foods and maintaining healthy relationships.
5. Black Fitness Tumblr & Black Yogi Tumblr
You too can look like this. Black Fitness Tumblr

Visual images are always good motivators when trying to move from the sofa to the yoga studio. These two tumblr sites showcase some of the most beautiful images of black bodies in the health world!

6. Sistah Vegan
UC Berkeley PhD Candidate A. Breeze Harper won’t let work get in the way of her family-time, literally! 
Every once in awhile, I run across someone who radically challenges the way I view the world. A. Breeze  Harper wins the award for linking food injustices, white supremacy and vegan-ism! I know that a vegan white racist may sound like an oxymoron. But Harper’s new book Sistah Vegan explores the elitism, judgment and entitlement of the current vegan philosophy and dialogue. She even references alternative black health experts like Queen Afua as a source for her research. Buy her book or read her blog at
7. Brown Girl Farming
Natasha Bowens (left) blogs about getting food from the farm to the fork.
Photo by Hughes Anhes
Natasha Bowens goes where most black women never go, to the farm. She gets her hands and feet dirty by growing her own vegetables and documenting the process in a project called, The Color of Food. She has raised over $10,000 in support for her farming efforts by reporting and blogging about unorthodox farming techniques such as beekeeping and farming in her swimming pool!
Visit Natasha’s blog at
8.The Flavor Diva- Tesia Love 
Tesia Love sincerely looks like she is happy to cook for you!

Tesia Love’s warm smile looks like she will whip you up a batch of home-made cookies spiked with tablespoons of love. Her blog includes recipes cooking tips, tutorials and she is a prenatal yoga instructor at Shakti Mind Body Studio in DC’s Shaw neighborhood. Try out her Almond Cookie recipe at

9. Girl Trek
Get it Girls! The young ladies of Girl Trek
Vanessa Garrison and Tanya Morgan Dixon founded this walking organization after being inspired by the rebellious Harriett Tubman. The ladies sponsor and ignite young girls to form power walking groups in neighborhoods like Anacostia and bridge the connections between activism and health. 
10. African-American Environmentalism Network
Last year, the online magazine, Madame Noire asked, “Do Blacks folks care about the environment?”. Of course we care, we just care more at the local level. The African American Environmentalism Network Blog expands the conversation to federal and state jurisdictions by providing updates on new laws and what we can do to get politically active on environmental changes. Get involved at

Do you know of any obscure blogs written by a diverse perspective? 
Email or share in the comments section.



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