My name is Sariane Leigh I am a modern day revolutionary tackling health disparities in my own unique way, teaching wellness in my neighborhood of Anacostia.

“Anacostia Yogi” is the moniker I embraced when I moved to east of the Anacostia River in Washington D.C.

I started out teaching free vinyasa yoga classes to a small group of people at local community centers. Then slowly I started to notice more people coming to class, wanting a change and ready to act. I realized in that moment that my yoga practice must also be a revolutionary act of service. Teaching yoga under challenging situations, is not easy but it is totally necessary. Radical changes in our health means radical changes in our wealth.

Join me on the mat and join a revolutionary wellness movement. Discover the power of a mind, body and spirit connection. Roll out your mat. Roll up your sleeves. Start your yoga practice with the breath. Start your own personal wellness revolution.

In health, service and spirit.